Mission Statement

    Numquam Retro has its primary objective which is the reintegration into mainstream education of people who have experienced a significant absence from the traditional educational process. The institute addresses the needs of those require upgrading of basic skills before attempting an entry into secondary and post secondary education.


    In 1985, The Numquam Retro Institute for Renewed Education was created in 1988 by Gizella Katona, a mathematical psychologist, and three members of the York University staff.  Its aims and objectives are to deliver new services for the betterment of physical and mental health for senior citizens. The Nunquam Retro institute applied for and received charitable status in 1990. Through the efforts of the Board of Directors we received recognition both from the Provincial Government as well as the Federal Government for the services which we have provided in the community.

The activities which Numquam Retro have thus provided are:
  • Outreach for senior citizens in residential buildings such as Northwood, Edgely and Arleta. The services include social events such as, afternoon teas, group discussions, the organization of classical concerts, and the betterment of conditions in these residential buildings. In addition to offering counselling services to seniors who feel abandoned, neglected and isolated.
  • The organization of collective entertainment such as bingo games, movies, videos and card games.
  • Planning of outings outside the community.
    The board envisions new services for people who suffer from a physical and psychological ailment. These people should be taken out from their immediate environment for a short period of time in order to achieve long-term improvements in their health. Individuals who suffer from depression, individuals who would like to become more assertive, those who would like to improve their quality of health, taking a break from their current lifestyle in order to slowly reintegrate them in productive life. These individuals are traditionally treated with tranquillizers and other chemical therapies.These techniques and its side affects serve to treat the symptoms but not the underlying issue.